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LAMINATE  Mirage Floors

Our original collection of laminate flooring offers fantastic value, hard wearing wood-effect laminate floors. The resilient, high quality laminate finish resists a wide range of stains and furniture imprints proving to be one of the most versatile hard wearing laminate floors available on the market. If you are looking for the look of real wood with the easy to clean convenience of laminate flooring then you will struggle to find better than the Mirage Original range.

Before MirageFloors revolutionised laminate flooring with the Mirage system, it was impossible to install laminate panels so tightly together that the joins were very hard to see. Thanks to Mirage ’s clever shape of the laminate floorings tongue and groove, the finished effect is a virtually invisible join without the need of using glue.
Mirage laminate is extremely low maintenance and ideal for people with allergies. This laminate is also impact and wear resistant, which cleans easily with a damp cloth.

Mirage Floors